Friday, August 14, 2009

Denver Permaculture Classes this fall

The folks at Wild Green Yonder, announced a slew of permaculture courses. These include
Intro to Permaculture, Urban Permaculture, Permaculture for Renters, and Obscure Edibles for the Colorado Climate.
For more information, including pricing, visit their classes page.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Edible Schoolyard/Farm School started in Carbondale

Jerome Ostenkowski, of CRMPI, is helping the Carbondale high school provide an agricultural educational opportunity to students.

From the Aspen Post:
Jerome Osentowski, Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) operator and 25 year veteran of alternative gardening practices, came up with the idea for a CSA Farm School when he, Jennifer Craig of Ute City Farm and Ken Kuhns of Peach Valley CSA partnered with Fat City Farmers to form Aspen Homegrown which provided training to ten students last year. “I was thinking, how do we train more CSA farmers for high altitude gardening?” said Jerome speaking on the genesis of the project, “Why not create an official school that would train 20 students a year?” That began his quest to find a permanent location for the project.

More information in the full article.

Article about Ward, CO, in the Permaculture Activist

Sandy Cruz, who runs the High Altitude Permaculture Institute, has an article, "Re-Envisioning and Restoring Wild Lands in the Rocky Mountains", in the latest Permaculture Activist. This issue, number 73, focuses on bioregionalism. Sandy discusses efforts, hers and others, to preserve wilderness around Ward, Colorado, where she lives.

My favorite part of the article is her dicussion of interactions with government agencies. As you can imagine, preserving wilderness requires extensive involvement with federal, county and city governments, as well as quasi-governmental agencies like Great Outdoors Colorado. It was interesting to read about such intricacies, as well as her success.

If you are interested in permaculture, and haven't checked out the Permaculture Activist, please do so. They have a website, but the magazine is the way to go. Check with your library--I know Boulder has a subscription.