Sunday, March 28, 2010

Denver/Boulder PDC Graduate meetup group

There's a meetup group for people who have graduated from a permaculture design course and live in the Boulder Denver area. They have meetings periodically and some useful message boards. If you're interested, sign up and see what they offer (or better yet, sign up and volunteer to host a meeting focused on permaculture).

Incidentally, I've written about meetups before--they're a great resource.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sheet Mulching method highlighted the in the Denver Post

The Denver Post recently featured various garden styles, and Sandy Cruz put in a plug for sheet mulching:
Study your yard for a year, noting sunlight, shade, wind and animals. Then put your garden in full sun and start building soil through sheet composting. "The hallmark of modern gardening is the rototiller, but digging causes weeds so we avoid that."

Much more, including some other styles of gardening, in the full article.

I've had good experience sheet mulching in my gardens, though I typically do the mulching in the fall and let everything compost down over the winter.