Sunday, June 13, 2010

Permaculture Mentioned in Summit Daily

Nice article about permaculture in the Summit Daily. From the article:
So here it is: Permaculture strives to apply the intelligence and long-term self sustained productivity of nature to human systems, creating abundance, zero waste and fundamental sustainability.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urban Permaculture Class in Arvada June 12

From a friend who is teaching the vermicomposting section, I found out about "Using Permaculture to Create Sustainable Urban/Suburban Lifestyles", a 6 hour workshop happening on June 12 in Arvada, CO.

From the flyer:
We will cover simple: effective Permaculture soil building techniques, how to hide composting from your landlord and neighbors, indoor and outdoor container planting, sprouts and microgreens, how to plan an efficient low-work garden, creating the suburban food forest, the urban/suburban chicken, the urban worm (vermiculture composting), hands-on planting, and related topics specific to suburban and urban areas.
Cost is $45. For more info, see here or here.