Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"What is Permaculture" Class

There is apparently a permaculture introduction class happening at St Andrews United Methodist Church down in Littleton, Colorado. The description available online leaves something to be desired, but you can see what they have to say by clicking here, then searching for the word permaculture, then clicking the 'More Info' button.

I exchanged voice mails with Diane Smith at St Andrews, and she informed me that the class was on Thursday April 2, from 6:30 to 8:30. It's sponsored by their social justice committee, and Ellen Rosenthal will be presenting. A bit of searching turned up the fact that Ellen Rosenthal is associated with the Living Earth Center (which is also putting on a permaculture herb garden design course).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Permaculture Herb Garden Design Course

This summer, there's a Herb Garden Design Intensive going on, taught by Claire Zimmerman.
Come join us for a group design intensive, exploring the most effective designs for herbal medicine gardens for Colorado’s unique climate. Using advanced permaculture design process, we will explore plant profiles, guilds, garden shapes, microclimates and more to create the most effective and useful medicine gardens for home-scale use. This class is designed for people with a strong permaculture background. Permaculture Design Certification or approval from instructor required. This will be a collaborative group design process, come ready to stretch your mind to create the optimum medicine gardens.

Find specifics for this course, as well as the instructor bio, at the Living Earth Center website.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Backyard chicken site

Chickens can be an integral part of a permaculture design. They are omnivorous and have several different yields (meat, eggs, manure). They are one of the animals that is possible for anyone to keep (as opposed to larger livestock).

I stumbled across a site (via the the Permaculture institute's urban permaculture page) all about urban chickens. The City Chicken is chock full of good information:
You can have chickens...It's easy! I put up this page to inspire people who have been wanting to keep some chickens in their backyard. I hope the pictures and info will motivate you to try what you've been wanting to for a long time: Bring a little country into your city life. You are looking at this web site because you've been bit by the chicken bug and need to know how to get started with your chicken-keeping endeavors. Well, you could start here!

Durango half day permaculture class announced

There's a class going on this weekend that is an introduction to permaculture:
In this unique half-day course on March 28, we will explore permaculture principles and methods of design using the Nature Center as a classroom. Located at the mouth of the Florida River Valley near Bondad, the Center winds along 140 acres on the Florida River. Trails wander through a wide variety of habitats - riparian, meadows, oak woodlands, piƱon-juniper forests, and desert arroyos. Culture Brothers will present information to help attendees succeed in their daily endeavors and prepare for extremes of weather, food and culture. We will also have time for one or two hands-on activities, which may include a survivalist plant walk, sheet mulching, or constructing simple wind and sun breaks.

View this page for more, including cost and registration information.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boulder Permaculture Garden announced

According to this page on the Transition Colorado website, Boulder has approved a 1.3 acre permaculture garden. The garden will be located next to the Boulder homeless shelter, and is aimed at adult education as well as food production.

I was unable to find official verification of this announcement, but there is apparently a meeting on Tuesday, Mar 24, 2009 to finalize the layout and do more sheet mulching.

Much more on the event announcement page.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two new Permaculture events in Boulder, and one in Denver

There's a two day introduction to permaculture, Permaculture at the Human Scale: An Introduction, at the end of March.
This course is appropriate for students new to permaculture as well as certified designers interested in applying permaculture at the social level or strengthening their analysis of invisible structures.

And there is a one day workshop/potluck/film, Permaculture Early Gardening & Potluck/ Free Film, during the ides of March (plus a gardening workshop before if you want--it's unclear if there is a charge for the workshop).
FREE FILM SHOWING: Bill Mollison's Global Gardener Part II, Dry lands application. Discussion on what Drylands Permaculture means here in Boulder Valley. Seed sources, water-saving strategies.

Lastly, there is a two hour workshop at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Urban Sustainable Living, in early April.
Learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture with particular attention to small lots, condos and apartments. Even without a “real” garden, you can live more sustainably in the city! Discuss espaliered fruit trees (one foot wide instead of 20!), the many uses of windowsills, using vertical space efficiently for living and storage, indoor worm bins, gray water, rooftop gardens and more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Article in Colorado Magazine: What is Permaculture

Sandy Cruz has an article in Viz Magazine: "Permaculture: What Exactly is It?" It's a great introduction to permaculture, covering the key concepts.
  • Creating Ecosystems
  • Relative Placement
  • Energy and Nutrient Recycling
  • Using Biological Resources
  • Permaculture is Unique
  • Culture and Agriculture
Want an executive summary?
Permaculture is a method of observing and understanding natural systems, and then imitating what we see in Nature to provide ourselves with food, shelter and clothing. Once basic human needs are satisfied, we can leave the rest of the planet in a wild state.

Read the entire article.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Numerous Permaculture Workshops in the Boulder area

The High Altitude Permaculture Institute has a number of workshops scheduled this spring.

These workshops cover a variety of topics, but tend to be a day or two in length. Topics covered include workshops on garden design and planning, high altitude gardening and secrets of building soil.

Sandy knows her stuff, and I'd encourage anyone interested to take a look.

PDF flyer for these permaculture workshops.

More information on permaculture workshops and events.