Saturday, May 2, 2009

MycoRestoration/MycoPermaculture workshop in Rollinsville

There is a workshop focusing on mycorestoration (using fungi to repair broken ecosystems) and mycopermaculture (using fungi in permaculture) happening in Rollinsville on June 13-14.  From an email I was forwarded:
Also, June 13-14, we will be offering an outdoor mushroom workshop based on the MycoRestoration work of Paul Stamets, only specifically geared towards high altitude regions, including plug spawn, rope spawn, bunker spawn, mycoremediation , soil building, etc. We're concurrently developing content for using fungi in Permaculture.
This workshop will be held at the Syzygy Community House. For more information, including cost and availability, call Todd at: 720-891-0767.  

Update, 5/30: The cost of the course is $200. Todd has created a flyer outlining all you need to know about the mycorestoration/mycopermaculture course.

Update: 6/7: The schedule of the workshop has been published.

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